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Friday, February 22, 2013

Hey Every Chic Girl , so I have made a video before one week a go about my drugstore makeup , here is the link for it .

أهلين ياكل بنت شيك ، سويت فيديو تقريبا قبل أسبوع عن مكياج الدرق ستور ، تلاقي اللينك تحت تفرجي عليه وكله بالعربي وإن شاء الله تستفيدي .

♥ Maybelline Fit me foundation 

After wearing the foundation, I would definitely recommend it for its value, coverage, finish and blend. This is a brilliant foundation for any of you who have dry skin because it has a little dewy finish but still retaining the skins natural glow.
It blends seamlessly into the skin but I cannot  recommend it for  long wearing . The colour range is great too, I have been wearing shade 150 which is definitely suits me perfectly.

♥ Maybelline fit me pressed powder

The powder itself was pretty good. It is one of the best drugstore powders I have come across in a long time and it gives a nice finish, it is does not has shimmer ingrained in the powder, there is nothing worse than using a powder that is too light (like what I did) or dark- it can really ruin the effect of the rest of your make-up!
so If you are looking for a powder to finish your look to be used on top of foundation, this will definitely do the job – and without drying your skin out like most high drugstore powders tend to do .

♥ Maybelline Super Stay 24 hr Concealer

I love what concealer can do for me. I don't normally need too much coverage but I like to use it The concealer itself (or at least this shade) is very pale. When I first apply this to my skin, it looks virtually white with a slight peachy/pink tinge. The concealer is very thin in consistency, not quite watery, but a little bit does go a long way.When working with this concealer, you have to work quickly. It dries insanely fast. I recommend only working on one spot eye at a time - apply and blend out quickly. Then move on to the next trouble area. In addition, this product goes from a liquid to powder consistency - so after it dries you're left with a very powdery-matte finish, which does not budge. This concealer almost melds in with your skin, to create a very camoflauged finish. I don't recommend powdering the concealer after you're done blending, as this can give too powdery of a finish, and can look cake-y.

 Maybelline One by One  Volum' Express  Waterproof  Mascara 

its wand is the big rubbery type and is something that I knew would work for me but gonna hurt me this kind of wand I don't like but its ok does not matter LOL In a good mascara I look for separation, definition and volume. It also needs to hold my lashes curled all day, I have quite long lashes but they are just completely straight. Maybelline One by One promises to give my lashes exactly what I need,I think it combines the advantages of mascara with that yellow one in last video and violet one also on my last video.

♥ NYX eye pencil charcoal

If you don't want to spend a ton of money, you have to checked out the Nyx ,I wanted to use it for my eyebrow but was very dry to take off my hair wan really painfull so I had  though to use it on the waterline and the effect that it gave was stunning in my opinion.  It gaves my eyes definition but didn’t close them in, make them look smaller or make it seem like I was wearing a lot of makeup.

♥ NYX  Lip Cream

NYX Soft Matte Lip Creams are long lasting liquid lipsticks and have a very soft, gloss-free  finish. 
 There is great color payoff and they are easy to apply
the colored that I used no.05  no.07 .

♥ NYX Lip balm with color

so amazing and lovely, it looks beautiful on my lips Staying power is average, around
hours, after that I have to reapply it to keep my lips moisturized during winters very nice I loved 
how can they mix the balm with nicely colores

 ♥♥That is it , thanks for ur reading , Big hugs and super kisses 


  1. احب اتابع فديوتك تصدقي اول مره اعرف عندك مدووونه انتي جمممميله وذووقك اجممل وستايلك يعجبني
    احسك كذا شيك ع اسم مدونتك ,,,, يعطيك العافيه maha


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