Tag 17 Questions about me (Actually 15) ♥ ¶ (تعديل 15 سؤال )

Monday, February 25, 2013

Tag 17 Questions about me (Actually 15) ♥ ¶ (تعديل 15 سؤال )

What is ur name ?

How old r u ?

where do u live ?
I live in Jeddah \ saudi arabia

what r u studying ?
English Literature

and r u fine with that ?
yes definitely

how did u get the idea for making a channel on youtube ?
 actually,I've got the idea a long time ago, but I was hesitant about it slightly.

What is the interests from ur channel?
  I offer to you what I have learned from my experience in Beauty.

who is supporting u?
Family and my best freind .

there is a lot of a beauty channels on youtube , how can u be featured between them ?
by choosing my own style and make original videos with creativity.

Where do you get your ideas?
from other channels and my mind.

how many followers you wish to get  ?
I adore my followers now but I wish to get more of course 

something you love?

something you hate?

why we cannot hear your voice on videos?
because I am feeling very repose with that , so imagine that you are reading on forums or books the same but in videos .

last thing
♥♥ I Love u all

هذه أجوبة أسئلة البنات اللي سألوني عنها بالتويتر والانستقرام تحصلوها بالعربي في الفيديو تحت ♥♥


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